When you upgrade the cluster, the upgraded member will always be in the READY state (which means that it is ready to take over from the current cluster config).


  1. After the upgrade, make sure that you change the Cluster version in the SmartConsole from R80.30 to R81
  2. with “fw stat” in the expert mode on the upgraded member (FW1 in our case) make sure that the policy is the initial policy
  3. Install the policy from SmartConsole, but when you are installing **make sure you unselect “**For gateway clusters, if installed on a cluster member fails, do not install on that cluster.”
  4. Now check the upgraded member policy with “fw stat” – this should now have the installed policy
  5. On the old member, perform “cpstop” on the old member with R80.30 installed.
  6. The new member should now be Active, please proceed to upgrade the other member

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