CPU usage, process performance used for, RAM and swap usage, etc General real-time performance

#fwaccel stats -s then fw ctl affinity -l -a -r -v

Changing shell to bash

#chsh -s /bin/bash admin

Changing shell back to default CLISH

#chsh -s /etc/cli.sh admin

Check the last installed policy

#fw stat

Check disk space

#df -kh

Amount of un-partitioned disk space


Check cluster status

#cphaprob stat

Manual failover

#clusterXL_admin down >> bring down a cluster member

#clusterXL_admin up >> bring up a cluster member

Watch a live status

Example: #watch “cphaprob stat”

Verify the state of cluster member interfaces

#cphaprob -a if

Collect cpinfo and export it to /var/log directory

#cpinfo -D -d -x -z -o /var/log/name.info

Check VSLS Stat

#vsx stat -v

Check VPN Status

#vpn tu

View the number of concurrent connections

#fw tab -t connections -s

#fw -i 0 tab -t connections -s >> check in core 0

Check how many fw core in CoreXL

#fw ctl multik stat

Verify ClusterXL sync

#fw ctl pstat

Check VPN traffic

#cpstat vpn -f traffic -o 1

Read Log Messages

#dmesg | tail -n 100 >> read last 100 lines

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